Review from Eunice H., Porter Ranch, CA 5stars

I'm currently a first year student at Parsons and I had to make a nomadic shelter for my 3d class and I need to get materials for my project which was going to be a sweater that extends into a blanket. I was looking for many different things and gizmos has it all!
Gizmos notions is such an awesome place to get any buttons, zippers, fabric, threads, Velcro, and anything else you can think of! The prices are very affordable and Hossein who is the owner of this awesome place and he is so friendly and very helpful !! Where it would have taken a couple of places to purchase the things I got, I was able to find them all in one awesome notions store! Check out Gizmos! :) I highly recommend it !

Review from Dana P, Queens, NY 10/3/2013 5stars

Wow, what an amazing shop, and the kindest, most helpful owner!  I recently bought an industrial machine on craigslist, and have gone to Gizmo Notion a few times to get small accessories.  

Hossein has explained so much to me every time I go (I am a novice sewer).  He always offers advice and says I can come back anytime to ask questions--which I have!  This is my first ever yelp review, I have had such a great experience at this shop, I couldn't not write one up.  I recommend this shop whole-heartedly!

Review from vickie c., Brooklyn, NY 4/20/2011 5stars

Sewing machine repair man extraordinaire! If I could give this place more stars, I would. I came here because I needed two sewing machines repaired. Before coming to Gizmo Notion, I went all over the place and found that people were not knowledgeable enough about a turn-of-the-century Singer heirloom. I was uncomfortable about leaving this beautiful machine in a place where the staff was unfriendly or trying to push new machines on me (what happened at other places). As soon as I met Hussein (the wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable, warm-hearted owner), I knew that I would leave the machines to be repaired here. We took it on Saturday evening and it was ready Tuesday morning as promised. Super-fast turnaround! When I went to pick them up, he spent two hours with me telling me about my machines. I could have stayed and chatted all night. He figured out some cool tricks that I could use when installing zippers, sewing leather and other interesting facts. He doesn't even sew; he just knows machines. Hussein is gifted with how things work. He had my Singer singing again--what a beautiful sound indeed. The other machine is a Baby Lock from the 80s. I don't really care about that one, but it's a decent enough machine to fix and work with. Why buy new, when you can get it running better than it EVER did? The shop carries basic fabrics, notions and tools of the trade. He also has refurbished sewing machines and sergers for good prices. In the two times that I was there, several people came in to pick up small items that they needed for their projects. I met lots of cool people while I was in there talking to Hussein about my machines. One of these people is interested in joining a sewing circle with me. She plans on getting her 3 Singers fixed here too. The Singer was so heavy. When I was ready to leave, Hussein brought my machines to the cab for me. Service from beginning to end. I highly recommend getting your machine repaired here. It was such a bargain. For fixing both machines, it was less than a dinky machine that would be sold on an infomercial. Most importantly, remarkable service and customer care is hard to find in the city. If you have a machine that needs some TLC, come here. I can go on and on and on. If you want to join my circle of sewers, let's meet up.

Review from María Gabriela, Manhattan, NY 10/11/2011 5stars

This is the only fabric store in the area and I love going in there. The store is small, but it has a very quirky and cozy feel. As an art student they always have everything that I need. I got some really nice fabrics at good prices and the owner is extremely nice, always more than willing to help and gave me some tips on how to save money when getting materials.

Review from Hugh l., Manhattan, NY 9/26/2011 5stars

Gizmo has been my source for the final touch on more projects than I can account for. It has become my 1st and most often final stop when searching for the perfect color, texture and variety of options. Do not let the boutique scale deter you, just ask and the gentleman is more than happy to help direct, you will not encounter any unpleasantries here. I have had numerous successes when I felt hopeless, the price range has never left me second guessing my shopping experience either. Rarely do I hunt in the vast spaces of the mega- fabric warehouses, I have successfully began to rely on my local spot GIZMO. hugh, artist/photographer

Review from Fallopia T., New York, NY 8/6/2010 5stars

I love this little store. A long time ago, the Lower East Side was full of notions stores and yarn shops, because women not only knew how to sew and knit, they had to do it for their families; they darned the socks they had knitted themselves. Now that most of our clothes are made cheaply by slaves in Malaysia and China, most people don't even know how to sew on a button. Sewing is a hobby, or maybe a means of self-expression. In fact, the fabric store on the corner is going out of business, probably another victim of high rents. Mr. Gizmo--I don't know his real name--sells, fabrics, patterns, notions, and does sewing machine repairs. (He fixed my 1930s Singer several years ago.) I've just gotta give this store five stars because quite honestly, I don't know where I'd go if he was gone.


Review from Pastie F., New York, NY 4/15/2011 5stars

I love this store. It is the only fabric/notion store left in this neighborhood. It is a small store but it is surprising how much good stuff is in there. I would definitely recommend a visit. Also, they fix sewing machines and sergers which is really helpful.


Review from Maryia M., Manhattan 3/17/2011 5stars

It is the only remaining notions/ fabric store in the East Village. The owner is the sweetest guy. I get all my threads, zippers, and most of my buttons there. They have sewing machines, used and new (I got mine there). Their fabric selection is not great, but you can always find something for one of your cheaper projects. They also sell commercial patterns.